Here are a few testimonials from our listeners

I am very happy and thankful to Rob Tyson to invite me for an interview at the Dig Deeper mining podcast. I think it’s an amazing platform to reach out to the international mining community. We are specialised in managing environmental monitoring, a very important area for the sector but nevertheless quite marginalised. So for us to take part in an international arena like the Dig Deeper mining podcast was very important. From that, we have made some very interesting contacts that we hopefully can cooperate with in the future.  

This modern world requires new forums for communication and networking and in my opinion, the dig deeper mining podcast fills a very important role in any company’s marketing mix. I regularly listen to the podcast to hear of like-minded people as well as finding new contacts. I would recommend anyone in the mining industry to listen to and take part in the dig deeper mining podcast when you have an opportunity, it’s great information and networking tool.  

Henrik M. Frijs - Head of Sales and Marketing, EHS Data and MonitorPro 


The Dig Deep Mining podcast gave us at Xylem the opportunity to connect to a wider audience using a platform we hadn’t considered much in the past. The challenges of the pandemic really helped us think of alternative means to really convey messaging around holistic water management to the mining industry. 

Having been a guest on other podcasts I really appreciated the level organization that the Dig Deep mining podcast had. We had an initial conversation and conceptualized specific topics that we’d discuss and from there Rob worked with us leading up to the conversation to make sure we were comfortable with the delivery, timing, and content. And it didn’t stop there, following the conversation the level of attentiveness remained as he thoroughly outlined the next step and was there to answer any question that we had.

I’d highly recommend if you are someone within the industry looking to expand your reach if given the opportunity to should participate in being a part of an episode. The quality of professionals the Dig Deep mining podcast has had speak waves to its reach. Personally speaking, it has opened doors to a number of opportunities that I feel we wouldn’t have had if we had approached our topic from a different perspective. 

Jessy Parmar (CET) - Business Development Manager, Industrial Marketing


At the end of 2018, Rob Tyson of Mining International started up his now-famous “Dig Deep Mining Podcast” series, which has now firmly established itself as a regular “must-see” for many viewers.  I agreed to be Rob’s first interviewee when it started, following his first podcast which set out Rob’s objectives for the podcast series.

At the time, I was happy to talk with Rob about my career, which had included significant experience in mining industry career development and employment and the interview covered a subject concerning matters that were very relevant to everyone in the industry – jobs/employment.  I felt it very good to be able to put something back into the industry via the Dig Deep Podcast, which was one of the objectives of Rob’s podcasts also.  The interview itself was conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, something that Rob’s personality was able to conjure up, and I was able to express myself in my own way and, hopefully, an informative way for listeners.  I came from the interview feeling like I had given of my best, thanks to Rob’s careful prompting, and perhaps benefiting other people who could learn from my own career over many years in the industry worldwide.

Since the podcast, I have had numerous e-mails from and contact with people who have listened to the podcast, some of whom have been inspired by what was said not only by me in my podcast but also by what has been said by participants in other podcasts. It is very good to have been able to input experiences to the industry in general from which people may learn in such an informative and enjoyable manner and I would commend anyone who wishes to contribute their experiences constructively to others to approach Rob at Mining International.  Certainly, I hope that my own interview may have benefited others but I can say that it has also given me a sense of self-worth in being able to help others from my own past.

Dennis Thomas, CEO and NED of Phoenix Copper


We recently had the opportunity to showcase our Kobada Project in Mali on the Did Deep podcast series. As a junior miner, it is important to speak to influential people in the industry with strong industry links with a far reach. In this case, we saw this as an opportunity to use the platform to spread the awareness of our project to a wider audience. The interview style was personal, relaxed but to the point and allowed us to get all the key points across. Since being on the podcast we have seen some awareness from sectors that had originally not followed AGG

I would recommend the Dig Deep podcast as an opportunity to get your message out on a connected platform that is positive and therefore this is a great way to do this

Danny Callow, CEO & NED of African Gold Group


At the time of our admission to the main markets, it was a challenge to have easy to understand audiovisual engagements available for the markets to understand us as a company. Our dig deep podcast with Rob provided us with the opportunity, and we have been well followed by the markets. The questions from the anchor are important to bring things out and Rob did this like an expert. Very happy to have been on his podcast"

Shishir Poddar, Executive Chairman & Managing Director at Tirupati Graphite


Dig Deep The Mining Podcast came across my path during an interesting time in my career. I had recently left my job in a mining operation and I was questioning whether I would like to continue doing it or even switch to another industry. The motivation I needed was a missing link between myself and those bright leaders in mining. Things were even more complicated during the pandemic.

Listening to those key players was almost like chatting with them. I could get to hear their own career paths, industry perspectives, opinions, and so on. A few profiles attracted my attention and I started following them for general information, inspiration, and personal improvement. Eventually one of them was looking for someone with my profile. It ended up in successful employment which has been very rewarding because the culture of the company and its leaders really speak to me. That just confirmed my initial intent when following and listening to the podcast. I reached out to Rob to tell him how the show and himself were important to achieving this valuable career move. Keep up with the good work, and I hope it will enlighten the path of others in the industry too.

Felipe Palacio - Maelgwyn Mineral Services Limited


I thought it would be good for the promotion of the company to a wider audience than we normally reach. We supply what you would call niche technology and generally had a small customer base of potential clients. So being a guest on the podcast would hopefully expand our target market.  On the other side, I think the history of Maelgwyn’s mineral processing technology development is unique in the mining industry and so I believed it would be of interest to the global mining fraternity. 

It was pretty laid back. Rob Tyson has a relaxed interview style that really just allowed me to flow with my story. Probably like a lot of people, we think we are not the best at public speaking but I was quite happy with my presentation and the way It came out when I heard it back. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive feedback I received from the presentation. In the weeks after the podcast, the company was contacted by quite a few people enquiring about our technology and who mentioned that they had heard about the company via the podcast.

The company was in expansion mode before the podcast so we have expanded our personnel quite considerably.  We linked the podcast to our various social media feeds.  Most of the new staff that we have taken on obviously did some “due diligence” on the company and looked at our various media outlets. I’m sure the podcast may have tipped a few over the line who perhaps were concerned about joining a small but upcoming company. Certainly, they liked our technology and I think the podcast confirmed things. I would highly recommend anybody with something interesting to say about their company, the technology, the industry, or their aspirations to be a guest on the podcast. As I found, the podcast can present your story to the widest possible audience in the mining and minerals industry.

Mike Battersby - MD - Maelgwyn Mineral Services Limited


I just wanted to thank you for the efforts you put into "the mining podcast". I have gone from listening to you and your guests speak whilst studying for my final exams to living in Perth looking for an opportunity to apply my knowledge. I simply wouldn't have had access to the insights I have gained from listening to your episodes and can't confidently say I would be here without it.  Appreciate your efforts.
Aiden Loadsby

I have been listening to the Dig Deep Podcast for a few months and have really enjoyed it. Thank you for all the interesting conversations and advice.
Joseph Bartolacci

I loved your podcast with John Scurvhi (No40). I have listened it 3 times!
Narina Shorland

Really enjoyed listening to this episode. The insights shared by James AH Campbell was interesting and informative. Rob Tyson enjoy your podcasts the calibre of your guests is in a league of its own.
Gregory Jordaan

Please keep the Podcast going even though it might be slow initially. This is an excellent learning forum.  For example, Nick Clarke's for me was very informative as he spoke directly into an area that had always been a mystery to me - the transition from technical to corporate management.
Filimone Raibosa

Regarding the podcast, I really enjoy it as it is different and more ‘personal discussions’ interviews. I have learnt about many companies/people I was not aware before and their way of running the business.
Jasmina Stanimirovic

Your podcast sounds very professional Rob. Well done!
Mike Woodbury

I was contacted via LinkedIn twice, one from a job/advice seeker and the other was an executive with the coal industry in Indonesia saying he liked what I had to say and that we must have been in the same place at the same time at least once. I did get several comments from the guys who work for me and they all seemed to like it very much. Not a lot more than that I'm afraid. I think it is a good platform for those of us in mining and I encourage you to keep it going.
Rodney Lacy


Some positive feedback from old colleagues, Canada and SA. No business, but have seen increased traffic on my Linkedin profile.
Andy Carter

The only feedback I had was from a couple of mates who said it came across well.
Pat Forward

I've heard from a number of people who have listened to your podcast and have been quite complimentary about what you're doing.  Don't ask me who but all I can say is that the subject does keep coming up in general conversations both here and abroad.  So you're reaching out quite away!  General comment is something like, "I heard you in a podcast about your career.........." - I then tell them about you and do a bit of PR on your behalf!
Dennis Thomas

Hi mate, just wanted to let you know that am liking your podcast. I think it's great.
John Austin

The podcasts are very informative – keep up the good work
Tim Vaughan

Your podcasts are a great way to be updated on trends and forecast of the industry.
The design of the conversation format is very well and clearly defined with an always captivating flow. I listened to the one with Jeremy Wrathall on finance, the analysis of mining risks with Andrew Swart. The other that I really liked was your dialogue with a common friend Keith Barron who has been working heavily in Ecuador. I am starting being a fan of your podcasts. Keep going with the initiative.
Cornelio Delgado

I’m getting some positive feedback from people that heard it.
Rocky Smith

The podcasts are excellent and very educational
Puis Kopeap

I think the podcast is a great way to influence and spread valuable information more especially academically as we are constantly moving to a digital world and improved technology
Mishack Chemese

I spent some time listening to your podcast over the weekend. It's great! I'm a bit of a podcast fan. I like the model and your approach
Brett McGuire

Admirer and avid listener of the podcast here. Good luck with future episodes and the growth of the podcast because the content is extremely informative and an excellent way for young mining professionals to acquire additional knowledge to engage within the mining sector. Thank you
Jake Williams

The podcast is a brilliant idea. Not much publicity is given to the mining industry and this programme is going to address this. Keep on the good work.
Albert Nyembia

So this week I have given your podcast a listen and you have saved my 1.5 hour drive each way to work. I am so passionate about the mining industry but find it hard to read about it due to my busy schedule! Everything you have covered so far has been music to my ears - I can’t thank you enough for that. I would love to hear companies discuss Behavioural Safety and Safety Culture as it’s a fundamental part of any business in our industry. Keep up the good work
Lewis Jenkins

I am so glad you introduced me to your podcast channel. I love how you are able to secure senior and experienced individuals who are open to, not only sharing information about their organisations and projects but also valuable nuggets of wisdom for fellow Mining Engineers! Of particular interest to me, our thoughts on how they developed their careers as well as their perspectives on how socio-political circumstances influences mining operations globally
Adriaan Strydomas

I just wanted to message and say I have a discovered your podcast the past week, and I am a big fan! As an exploration-based in Europe I sometimes feel a bit cut off from major mining news, and your podcast is such a superb way of keeping up to date. Exploration geos on this side of the world are more academically inclined, bit frustrating really! It's great to listen to real industry experts for a change. Some really interesting topics brought to light and I appreciate you sharing with the public.  Have a great day
Kayleigh Jane Barrow

I went through the podcast on Spotify and it's amazing and I like the fact that you cover a wide range of topics. It will also be great to have one where you cover the skills and capabilities that young graduates need going into the work environment
Atang Maqelepo

My view on the podcast is that they are important because they can help current mineral explorers do better in the future. A mining company like yours can download such mining podcast audio files which may contain interviews or discussions on the challenges faced by the past mining experts and this can help them do better in the future. I personally can also use the mining podcast to learn several contents of mining. So podcasts can be vital enough
Derick Okumu

I do enjoy your podcasts and try to catch them when available. I find them very insightful, made me think about a few things that never occurred to me before
Arend Brink

Good morning Rob, I think the podcast is awesome. Very informative and enjoyable to listen to
Dan Vander Meer

Hi Rob, My first time listening to your podcast, I think you definitely got something going here, I am not a big talker but listening to the first podcast let me think you know what you are doing, very good to start knowing people who you interview and that we know to relax with you in an interview. It is really good to know that there is a recruiter that goes out of his way and know what is going on in the mining industry. Thank you Rob, will definitely listen to the rest of the podcasts

I have been listening to the podcast, and I think it's great because it gives or provides clear information, keep up the good job
Ammire Goaseb

Some excellent and insightful information Rob. I've seen a couple now, hence why I reached out to you
Joel Ward

I thought it is a very good initiative having the video to communicate with candidates. It is a pretty daunting position being out of work and the video portrays your personality and character that made me feel like you were interested in helping candidates secure work. This is important when many recruiting agents treat candidates as livestock. Well done
Joe Ranford

It was very nice and informative! Well done – Tiszelle Hauptfieisch

By the way, I loved your podcast with John Scurvhi (No40). I have listened to it 3 times! Which is very much unlike me – Narina Shorland

I have seen your LinkedIn posts frequently and knew you are running a podcast. I had not listened to them before your email mainly because I am a heavy user of podcasts and audiobooks and my reading/listening list was very long. Before responding to you, I listened to two episodes, Responsible Cobalt Mining in the DRC and the one where John Clarke explained his career and thoughts about working in the mining industry (and agriculture). It was actually an interesting coincidence that he mentioned similar kinds of motivations for working for junior and mid-tier players. I am going to continue listening to your episodes - I like that they are very specifically mining oriented rather than discussing generics. I drive a lot (or too much) and these episodes are perfect for early Monday mornings when driving back to site. I will spread the word as well. There are a couple of podcast junkies at the site in addition to myself – Antti Sjoblom